Mr. Chew's Chino Latino Bar & Restaurant

Updated: 26 Oct 2018

[Photos: Kim Choong]

What it is
Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar and Restaurant

The venue

Mr Chew's couch
When you arrive at the lobby of The WOLO – a contemporary hotel that houses Mr Chew's and Brasserie Fritz – you'd never think that there'd be a luxurious cocktail bar on the 12th floor. A short lift ride to the penthouse and you'll find yourself in a hallway outfitted with warm wood panels, chandeliers and plush rugs.

The vibe

Mr Chew's Chino Latino Bar upstairs
Mr Chew's is where you get a beautiful shot of you (and your gang) chilling by the window-side booth or of the giant portrait of an oriental lady. The warm lights, the hushed voices of other guests and comfy leather seats give you the feeling of being in a very, very exclusive bar. It's an ideal place for a special date with a loved one.

The drinks

Mr Chew's Chino  Latino Bar Simon O'Brien
Simon O'Brien

The bar upstairs – the one with a bathtub and a DJ deck – has just introduced a new selection of cocktails to its menu. Like its interiors and its guests, the range of libations is just as illustrious and creative.

Be adventurous and try the Fogueira cocktail – burnt cocoa husks, gin, Luxardo Bianco infused with pineapple and coconut, dry vermouth, edible sand, orange bitters and honey. It's a delightful cocktail that's both refreshing and interesting.

Mr Chew's Fogueira cocktail
Fogueira - Burnt cocoa husks, gin, Luxardo bianco infused with pineapple & coconut, dry vermouth, edible sand, orange bitters, honey

But if you're into something sweet and leaning towards a more traditional taste, we suggest the Inferno cocktail that's made with Japanese whisky, Bentong ginger wine, homemade red dates and ginseng liqueur, and spiced pomegranate juice. The cocktail comes with a fancy presentation where it’s set on fire (quite literally). Its flavour might remind you of your grandmother's herbal concoction from the olden days; the nostalgia is very welcome.

Mr Chew's Inferno cocktail
Inferno - Japanese whisky, Bentong ginger wine, homemade red dates & ginseng liqueur, spiced pomegranate juice

What we really loved was Celestial 5 - duck fat washed dark rum, Guinness reduction, orange bitters and hoisin sauce – that came in a Japanese-inspired jar surrounded by straws. It's a very smoky drink so you'll want to get your phones out to capture it in action.

Mr Chew's Celestial 5 cocktail
Celestial 5 - Duck fat washed dark rum, Guinness reduction, orange bitters & hoisin sauce

The signatures are still here of course. There's Mr. Chew's 'Takeaway' G&T, a classic gin & tonic combined with pink peppercorns and guava that comes in an oriental takeaway box. Even if you're not a fan of a good ol' G&T, you will be now (do it for the 'gram!).

Mr Chew's Takeaway G&T
Mr Chew’s ‘Take-Away’ - G&T Opihr gin, pink peppercorns and guava, Three Cents Aegean tonic

You'll also want to try the Ancient Fashion – Japanese whisky, Creole bitters, 5 spices syrup, and torched kumquat – because it's basically an Old Fashioned, a cocktail you can never go wrong with.

Mr Chew's Ancient Fashion
Ancient Fashion - Japanese whisky, Creole bitters, 5 spices syrup, torched kumquat

The crowd
A swanky place calls for an equally fancy crowd. Kick back with some drinks and enjoy people watching!

Mr Chew's Jiangxi Fresca cocktail
Jiangxi Fresca - Rice infused vodka, passion fruit, lime, vanilla & salted pineapple soda

Mr Chew's The Emperor's Lady
The Emperor’s Lady - Gin, Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, lemon, sugar, egg white, lavender & orange bitters

Address: The Penthouse, WOLO Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Telephone No.: +603 4065 0168
Operation Time: Daily: 11.30am - 1am