Drinking Apps for iPhone and Android

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1)    Drunk Man
David is trying to get to the gift shop to buy a birthday present for his wife, who was mad at him. He was drunk again and forgot her birthday so she told him to get her a very nice present or he would have to sleep outside of the house. Help David to walk as long as possible to get to the gift shop by tapping the right or left half of the screen to stop him from falling onto the ground.

Download rating – 4 stars

2)    Drink & Drugs
Drink & Drugs is an app with 750+ jokes about drinks and drugs. You can even email or SMS the jokes to your mates. Mind you, you’ve got to have a clear mind to read all these jokes, not when you’re drunk or drugged. Strictly for 21 and above ‘adults’.

Download rating – 3 ½ stars

3)    AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker
As the name denotes, the app is to track the amount of alcohol content in your blood. It has a calculator, a drink diary and consumption tracker. Designed for one to adjust its drinking habit (if you have a drinking problem), it provides you a drink log as well as a function called “drink preset” so that you can log your drink fast - when you have one too many. To track your blood alcohol content, the calculation is based on water, light beer, regular beer, wine, cocktail and shots.

Download rating – 4 ½ stars

4)    Truth or Dare

A party drinking game. Spin the bottle on the screen and the person the bottle points at has to choose “Truth” or “Dare” for a question/task to appear. There are 300 different question and challenges that will reveal many secrets you never knew of your friends. Not for the faint-hearted.

Download rating – 4 ½ stars

5)    Shaken Not Stirred
The app gives you random recipes whenever you shake it. Shake it like you would have with a cocktail shaker and a suggestion will pop up, click on the suggestion and it will give you the recipes. A great tool for new bartenders or house party for making simple cocktails.

Download rating – 5 stars

6)    Mixology
It is a comprehensive app for cocktail recipes. You can browse recipes alphabetically, by category, by ingredients and make them your favourites. You can even record a custom made drink and find a liquor store near you through Google map. For serious drinkers or intermediate home bartenders.

Download rating – 4 stars

7)    Party Starter

There is a collection of interactive drinking games such as High or Low, King’s Cup, Meier and Three Men etc. This app is very useful when you don’t have a deck of cards or dices because it can now be done digitally. Those you can’t play with cards or dice, it has a comprehensive rulebook which you can find rules for Beer Roulette, Beer Pong, Black or Red, Quarters, Catch the Pig, Flip Cup, Go fish and more. Make sure you familiarise with the rules before the drinking starts as it sure will get harder to make sense about any of it after a few chucks of beer.

Download rating – 4 ½

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