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Gelato is like espresso – a favourite Italian pastime! Such is the devotion to this icy treat that it is eaten even in cold weather. In fact, in southern Italy, it can even be eaten for breakfast, served in brioche with an espresso on the side, of course.

Generally thought to originate from Sicily, gelato is much denser and richer than ice cream, as it is less aerated, and much more intense in flavour. And because it’s not as solidly frozen, it has a smoother, creamier texture. It’s lower in fat as it’s made with milk or water – that’s about 2% to 8% fat to ice cream’s 20%.

If you want to get a gelato machine, the obvious choice would be an Italian model – who would know gelato better? Check out these Nemox machines, made by the manufacturer of household and kitchen appliances, which specializes in cold accumulating and compressor machines like gelato and ice cream makers.

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Nemox Gelato Pro 5k

A countertop machine for professionals, this is multi-functional, fast and convenient. It can be used to make gelato, ice cream and sorbet; it’s capable of continuous operations, so that different flavours can be made quickly. A 1.5kg batch of gelato can be made in 12 to 15 minutes, which puts its output at 5kg per hour.
The entire machine is made from stainless steel and all inserts are replaceable. It comes equipped with a 30-minute timer.

Specifications: -

 Rating : 220-240V/50Hz
 Power : 600W
 AISI 304 stainless steel fixed bowl : 3.2L
 Max Ingredients qty : 1.5kg / 1.4L
 Max Production/Hour : 5kg/ 7L
 Preparation time : approx. 15 minutes
 Mixing motor – Induction with thermostat
 Thermic safety – Compressor and mixing motor
 Reduction Timer : 63 rpm, 30 minutes
 Wheels with brakes (RF) or adjustable feet (PR)
 Dimensions (W/D/H) : 47 x 49 x 37cm
 Net weight : 35 kg
 Accessories included : Ice cream spatula + 1 set paddle inserts

Price per unit    RM 25,500.00

Nemox Frixair

An easy-to-use, versatile machine, the Frixair prepares small single-serving bowls of anything from mousse to ice cream to sauces, soups or cocktails. It’s handy and speedy and gives you a cream, velvety texture regardless of what is produced.

A rinsing function allows quick self-cleaning of the blades in between batches made with similar ingredients. The single-serving bowls allow hygienic preparation (because you can easily utilize the individual portion and ensure that it is never compromised), and the small, stackable bowls allow for rapid freezing. The colour-coded bowls are microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


 Rating : 220-240V/50 Hz
 Power : 600W
 Rotation speed : 2000 RPM
 Air pressure : 0.5 bar
 Cups volume : 300cc
 Max. quantity of ingredients : 150cc
 Cup size: 72 x 95mm
 Machine size : 33 x 16 x 48cm
 Machine weight : 12kg

Nemox Frixair     RM13,000


Nemox Dolce Vita 1.1L & 1.5L

No reason that you can’t have top-quality gelato at home, and with a machine of your own, you get to control just what goes into your cold confections. Plus, this sleek but small machine will look good on your counter!

The Dolce Vita comes in two versions, with a capacity of either 1.1L or 1.5L. In 20 to 30 minutes, you can make gelato or ice cream for between six and 10 people. The cold accumulating machine features an airtight sealed and double-walled bowl, with mixing powered by an electric motor. The frozen bowl maintains a temperature of -10ºC for about two hours.

The stainless steel inner bowl is polished to a mirror finish – nice-looking plus easy to clean and scratchproof. The large opening in the lid allows easy pouring for all ingredients.

You can also use the Dolce Vita for the instant cooling of any drink, like a high-tech ice bucker or bottle cooler!


 Rating : 230V/50Hz
 Bowl Capacity : 1.1L / 1.5L
 Bowl height : 1.1L (14cm), 1.5L (18cm)
 Max. quantity of ingredients : 1.1L (700g), 1.5L (900g)
 Churning time: 20-30 min.
 Min. freezing temperature : -18’C
 Bowl cooling time : 18 – 24H
 Mixing paddle motor : 25 rpm
 Inner bowl material : AISI 304 stainless steel
 Appliance total weight : 1.1L (2.6kg), 1.5L (2.8kg)

Price per unit – 1.1L     RM 770.00
Price per unit – 1.5L     RM 800.00

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