Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria 2018

Updated: 06 Mar 2018

The biennial Coppa del Mondo of Gelateria or Gelato World Cup is including its first official Asian tour this April.

Hosted by Food&HotelAsia 2018, the region's international food and hospitality trade event, the Gelato World Cup is set to unleash a bevy of talented gelato-makers in Asia. There, 12 teams from 10 Asian countries and regions will compete. Only three teams will be crowned winner and allowed to represent their cities at the Gelato World Cup 2020 in Rimini, Italy.

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of Gelato World Cup president Giancarlo Timballo, Philippines TV celebrity chef Jackie Ang Po and Indonesian Pastry Alliance General Secretary Louis Tanuhadi. Gelato will be judged according to categories Best Gelato Cake, Best Plated Dessert, Best Artistic Showpiece, Best Tasting Gelato, and Best Team Spirit.

Dates : 24th Apr - 27th Mar 2018
Address: Singapore Expo - 1 Expo Dr, 486150 Singapore
Operation Time: 9am - 6pm