Tasting 5 Senses at Westin KL

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In the recent MIGF event, Westin KL showcased their newly revamped menu of the previously non-pork Chinese restaurant and have named it “Five Senses”. 中国元素(Zhong Guo Yuan Shu) in Chinese literally means Chinese elements. The menu surrounds the concept of the five human senses: taste, sight, sound, smell and touch.

The tasting took place in 5 separate rooms. The sequence was to taste the starter, touch the appetiser, hear and smell the main course and then sight the dessert.

Secret Double Boiled ‘Tau Fu Fa’
Morel Treasure Mushroom in Superior Broth

Starter was double boiled Tau Fu Fa (soy bean curd) carefully sliced into a layered bud without completely separating the “petals”. It was served with a broth and 3 different types of mushroom: morel, enoki and shiitaki. Pour the broth into the bowl with Tau Fu Fa, the bud will spread out like a flower blossoming; take turn to try the combination of the broth with the mushrooms and find out which best suits your palate.

Signature Thousand Threaded Lion Head Prawn

The appetizer was deep fried katafy pastry and lion head prawn.  Both were served together with a pair of cold metal chopsticks for the cold touch on the lips; while the fritter was crunchy to bite, the prawn was fresh and juicy. To go with the prawn is a wasabi mayonnaise dip that tingles your tongue.

House Fried Crispy Pork Intestines ‘Hong Kong’ Style

This was the first main course. The name itself brought up a memory of the sizzling sound of crispy pork in the oven. It was said that during the presentation of the dish to the diners, a music box would accompany with a blissful melody. The intestine was stuffed with minced prawn and squid and served with sweet and sour sauce. The crunchiness was an association of crispy pork which traditionally served in Chinese culture during all types of ceremony, in this case, a celebration.

Pan-Seared Fragrant Bean stuffed Giant Fresh Scallop

The fragrance of the fried “petai” (stink bean) was noticeable before even having to step into the room. Petai though notoriously the cause of stinking fart, it contains high volume of antioxidant.  The beans were pan-seared in butter to create a fragrant base for the giant size Australian scallop which was marinated with sea salt and then pan fried together with shiitake and asparagus. The stink bean was placed on the scallop and torched to release the scent before it was served.

Home Made Silken ‘Tau Fu Fa’ Golden Corn Oat Glaze

Dessert is important when it comes to concluding whether you have completed the meal and sealed it with a satisfactory experience. Tau Fu Fa in cocktail glass topped with some corn and basil seeds were served in this room. Soy bean milk boiled with barley will be poured over the Tau Fu Fa and the glass was decorated with a blueberry in mint leave. The basil seeds were like thousand little eyes, with its colourful presentation you might not have the heart to eat it.

The drinks
Palatial Bloom - Manggis Charge, Madu Tualang, Red Bull, Blackcurrant Juice
Prismatic Surprise - Hibiscus and Blackcurrant Tea, Lime Juice, Soda
Euphoric Freeze - Green Apple, Mint Leaf, Ginger Slice, Hazelnut Syrup

3 out of 5 Sense’s signature drinks in the new menu were presented during the tasting to compliment the 3 course meal. They were the Palatial Bloom, Prismatic Surprise and Euphoric Freeze. All the drinks were non-alcoholic and refreshing.

Palatial Bloom was served in a shooter glass with an immediate recognition of the energy drink at the first sniff but soften by the fruit juices combination.

Prismatic Surprise was a fizzy tea that was served in a champagne flute. There were bits of jelly and hibiscus at the bottom of the glass but at the time of our dinner, the drink was served with crushed ice that has formed an ice block and was left to melt throughout the dinner.

Euphoric Freeze was minty with a bite of ginger taste, served in a Quartz with chunky crushed ice. Be ready to pick the muddled mint and ginger pieces at every sip of this drink.

All three mocktails are the same price as the rest of the two cocktails they have on the menu at RM25. The cocktails seem to have pretty strongalcohol content that sure make the mocktails a less attractive choice in terms of pricing:

Herbaceous Intensity - Bombay Gin, Choya Sake, Roselle Syrup, La Campeano
Gushing Sparkles - X Rated Vodka, La Campeano, Champagne

To be on the safe side, order a pot of tea. You just can’t go wrong pairing Chinese food with Chinese tea, can you?

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