Crazy like a fox: Apple Fox Cider enters the Malaysian Book of Records

Updated: 06 May 2019 | By:

In conjunction with Apple Fox Cider’s ‘Wayyy More Apples’ campaign on the 27th of April, a record-setting fox installation was filled with apples and earned Apple Fox Cider a place in the Malaysian Book of Records for the Most Number of Apples Used in a Fox Shaped Display in Malaysia.

At 6.5 feet tall and 24 feet long, the display held a total of 6,148 real apples within. The installation was debuted at the Apple Fox Den Party, held at a secret location, where guests were entertained with live music, games, great food, and even poured their own Apple Fox Cider in draught. The display is a representation of the cider brand, made with wayyy more apples, with the taste of quality apples in every sip.

Believing that nothing should ever go to waste, Apple Fox Cider will partner with GroundControl to compost the apples used in the installation (creating an estimated 1,200 litres of compost) and then be distributed to local community gardens in the Klang Valley, like Kebun-Kebun Bangsar, Dignity Garden, and TTDI Edible Community Garden. Before that, the display will tour around Malaysia, so follow their Facebook page for more details on where you can catch it in person.