Carlsberg Smooth Draught now comes with a ring-pull POP cap

Updated: 16 Apr 2018 | By:

Carlsberg Malaysia launched the POP Cap for their Smooth Draught bottles, marking the first amongst the 140 Carlsberg markets globally to adopt this technology.

Simply lift the ring attached to the cap upwards and give it a quick tug, the cap makes a “pop” sound from the trapped carbonation and the beer is ready to be consumed. At the launch, guests were given a few ‘tools’ to open the bottle, simulating a situation where no bottle opener is available. There were a shoe, screwdriver, lighter and key. All tools would work for people who know how to use them, hence the POP cap is introduced for a hassle-free drinking experience.

To make the popping experience more fun, download the Sound Meter App and compete for the loudest pop sound with your drinking buddies.

Carlsberg Smooth Draught Pop Cap comes with the 325ml and 500ml bottles now available in supermarket and F&B outlets nationwide.