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We last reported the top -3 in the national final who would go through a 3-day boot camp and to choose one that would be crowned the Guinness Anchor Berhad Professional Solutions (GABPS) Hero of the Year 2013. The top 3 were Jamie Malina Samarakkody (Palate Palette Kuala Lumpur), Jimmy Goh Teong Hock (Patio Bar Genting) and Low Wei Kiang (Beer Belly Johor Bahru).

From the report in The Star, we not only learned that Jimmy Goh was the chosen one but he has also been crowned the No. 2 best bartender in the world in Heineken Star Serve Global Bartender Finals 2013! 

Jimmy also brought back the Best Introduction Video Award that showcased an introduction of himself at Patio Bar, Genting.

What we want to know is the process Jimmy went through and how is having one of the best Heineken pourer in the world going to change our beer drinking experience.

Prior to becoming one of the three in the Top 3 national finalists, Jimmy and the other two bartenders went through paper tests, attended courses and regular trainings just like the 1,400 Heineken bartenders nationwide. The national final in October saw 6 best bartenders competing each other and set these top 3 apart from the rest. 

The 3-day boot camp

The trio then went through an intensive 3 days GABPS Academy boot camp, where a round-the-clock practise sessions and assessments started as early as 4am, and ended as late as 12am for full three days. These were conducted to ensure that anyone of the three who represents Malaysia, would be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for the global arena.

Jimmy stood out in this challenge and was chosen to go to the Global Final that took place in Amsterdam on 25th November 2013.

The global final

1. What were the judging criteria of the Global Finals?

Same as the National Final, which judging criteria are based on the global standard, each participating bartender was judged according to their procedure, result and the magic.

The competition is on a point deduction system, every finalist starts with a 100% score and 1 point is taken out for one mistake made. For the Procedure component, the maximum score for each step is 6 points.

Then it is the Result component that is split into 4 elements: curvature, closing, height and alignment. Each element is scored at either bad (1 point), average (2 points) or perfect (3 points). The curvature is judged based on the top and bottom of the foam when height and alignment are based on whether the bottom edge of the head of the foam touches the red Heineken Star. Closing is checked twice, the first time is when it is prepared at the bar and another when it is delivered to the table, after a flight of steps.

Then that is the serving, magic and time. Having the magic means much more than just pouring a beer. It's about attitude, personality, charisma and the ability to craft the perfect drinking experience with sophistication in that short period of time. Call it flair or a special touch but you will recognise it when you see it.

2. What differentiates one bartender to another?

A bartender’s dedication to perfection, in terms of product quality and service quality; his/her determination, personality, charisma and attitude all play a role in differentiating one bartender to another. GABPS Academy Training program is to identify these quality through training and tests.

3. How does this competition affect the consumers’ experience?

That your experience while served a glass of Heineken is consistent, everywhere you go. In Malaysia, training of the Heineken Star Serve bartenders is conducted by GABPS. Providing knowledge and skills to the local bartenders to raise it to world-class standards not only provide a better drinking experience to consumers, but also recognise bartenders’ passion in their dedication of service excellence.

Next time if you get to pour your own glass of Heineken, try and see how hard the 5-step ritual is. Remember, do it with magic! *wink*

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