Journal to Beerfest Asia 2012

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These are a range of photos on the first day of Beerfest Asia 2012 before the gate was opened to the public. This is before the crew had to run around clearing beer cups and rubbsih, beer girls standing on their heels all night promoting their brands, security to make sure no one is misbehaving, DJs trying to entertain with their best tunes and the bands to keep the atmosphere at a hype.

A lot of work has been put into this event and for what? For you to have a good time!

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The Beer Barrels

Germany - Erdinger

Whiskey: USA - Jack Daniels

Malaysia - Starker

Beer Bottles

Featured beer : France - Fruli 

Belgium - St. Bernadus

Sweden - Kopparberg

UK - Wychwood

Germany - Schneider Weisse

  Norway Nøgne Ø

Beerfest Booklet

Australia Coldstream Apple Cider

The Crews

Germany Krombacher

France - Perrier natural mineral water / Czech Republic - Primator

  Beerfest Singapore - Mabuk Monkey

  Switzrland - Vollmond

The Crowds


Thailand - Singha

  Food provider at Beerfest

Williams Warn - Gold Medal - Pilsner

by Lonely Planet

Swedish Cider - Kopperberg

UK Brothers Cider

 The Surroundings

Beer chips are bought here

View of Marina Bay Sands

Entrance to the Rock Marquee

View of the Singapore Flyer

Tent for the stage

Makes you feel like a Super Hero?

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