Keep your beer cool

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Scuba divers stay warm in the water by wearing neoprene. This is because the material is effective for insulation against cold. When you reverse it and have a cold item wrapped in neoprene, it protects the cold from the warmth.

In a hot climate like Malaysia, our drinks get warm and sweaty in a short time. Huggaz have brought the solution to this problem by introducing insulated can/bottle wrap made of neoprene to our drinkers, the koozies (also known as coolers). While giving a nice snug to your drinks, these high quality Huggaz comes in different sizes and designs which are hip and eye-catching. You can even have them custom made to fit the occassion or as corporate gifts.

The thickness of Huggaz is from 3.5mm to the Road Series at 5mm. They are machine washable and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Huggaz is priced between RM10 to RM35. You can make your order online and have the items shipped to you for free when purchase above RM50.

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