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Product type: Hosted draught monitoring & knowledge analytics

DraftServ Asia Pte Ltd



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Company Background: DraftServ Asia Pte. Ltd. is a Singaporean private limited company that prides itself on being Asia’s leading provider of hosted draught and knowledge analytics, which helps you to manage your taps behind the bar.

Product: MagikTap is a draught beer monitoring system which is designed to provide tools and information to re-capture costs for bars and pubs which pour lots of draught from behind the bar. It allows  management to control and enhance their draught-related bottom-line and best practices for draught management.

Basically, there is no equipment to purchase and no power supply is needed near or in the beer cooler because the system is designed to work in beer cooler rooms or under the bar counter. It is a silent technology that meters all pouring activities to help better manage the numbers of what you really pour versus what you ring up. Hence, it can reduce shrinkage such as waste, fraud and bad practices. In the long run, this increases revenue by recapturing lost income.

This service comes with real-time monitoring and performance analytics. Line cleaning recording and detailed draught pouring audit trails are also recorded. The system captures pour data locally and then delivers and makes it available via the Internet on software called DraughtCloud, which provides secure access to pour and brand data. DraughtCloud comes with dashboard view, which exposes different brands performances and promotions. Any authorized store management personnel can access the data via a standard browser on their computer, tablet or phone. 

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DraftServ Asia Pte Ltd - 10 Anson Road #21-02, International Plaza, S (079903), Tel: +65 9389 0118; E-mail:

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