Honey Mandarin

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Created by Ben Ng of Fluid Alchemy Bar School

Mandarin orange is seen as a good luck item symbolising "gold", as its Chinese name "gem" (/g/ "hard G") in Cantonese indicates. It is therefore used as gift while visiting relatives and friends during Chinese New Year to bring good luck to thehousehold. Mandarin oranges are exchanged between the host and guest as a way to show respect to the other. "Li shang wang lai" 礼尚往来 is a Chinese idiom most appropriately describe this social method, as in "you give me a gift and I do the same to you as a courtesy". 

Glassware: Double Rock Glass
Garnish: Mandarin Orange Wedges

6 wedge    Mandarin Orange
45ml         Drambuie Original
3 dash      Orange Bitters
                Crushed Ice
                Top Ginger Beer

1. Prepare 6 wedges of mandarin orange (add a few more if the orange is small)

2. Muddle mandarin oranges in a glass.

3. Add Drambuie and orange bitters into the glass.

4. Add crushed ice and stir.

5. Top a splash of ginger beer and more crushed ice.

6. Garnish with mandarin orange wedges and serve.

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