Thirst Magazine Issue 1: Out Now!

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Our first issue is out and here are the content highlights:
  • Jungle Bird - The true origin and creator of the drink that put Malaysia on the map of classic cocktails.
  • Art, Love and Cocktails - Cocktail Professor is breaking through the traditional cocktail making trends by integrating their knowledge with the locals, wherever their consultancy work brings them.

Thirst Magazine Issue 1 Cocktail Professor Snippet


  • History of Traditional and Modern Cocktails - A travel chart that shows the timeline of classic cocktails, with their recipes.
  • Gin or Vodka - Use interchangeably and compare them through recipes.
  • The Gin Book
  • Whisky or Whiskey - The difference between the two spellings and where to learn more about the dram by Matthew Fergusson-Stewart.

Thirst Magazine Issue 1 Cocktail History Snippet

  • Beer in Malaysia - A brief history, styles of beers and what’s available now in Malaysia.
  • Bar Highlights
  • Bartender's Handshake
  • How Wines Are Judged - Dr Stephen Hall tells us the process of wine judging.
  • Sweetness & Bitterness - Understanding how our palate works through coffee science.
  • Want to be a bartender? - Should you?

Thirst Magazine Issue 1 Bar Highlights Snippet

  • Bangkok - Drink unlicensed craft beers and a speakeasy bar among erotic services.
  • Books for Bartending - Good reads recommended by Jay Gray.
  • A Bartender’s Memoir - Ben Ng putting the profession into perspective.

Thirst Magazine is available at RM10 a copy in MPH, Kinokuniya, Popular, Borders and any book stores in Klang Valley. You can also email us at and we’ll post you one.