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Inside Issue No. 4

13 Mezcal-Grilled Beef recipe by Mish Mash Penang

15 Trending

16 Books and a film

18 The art of wine blending by Anthony Walkenhorst of Kim Crawford

20 Best hospitality bar and the man behind it - CK Kho and Coley

24 The Rising Star – Jason Julian

28 In defence of screwcaps

30 All about sake – Read this and become the god/goddess of reading sake labels

34 Macha, are you ready for matcha? – Everything you need to know about the green tea powder

38 Unlikely ingredients for cocktails – Some of Kelvin Lee’s quirky cocktail recipes

44 When is a wine not a wine?

47 Travel – 72 hours in Bristol, drink local craft beer, cocktail bars and where to stay

54 Destination – Bali

56 Legal – Intellectual Property

58 A sommelier’s memoir – Why Malaysian Sommelier Edmund Liew left home to pursue his dream overseas

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