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This may be your first time buying your own coffee maker and grinder. You want to save money by making your own cup of coffee at home but don't know where to start. The next coffee shop with a decent coffee is a bit far away and you are on a tight schedule, but you need a coffee fix.
Here we have put together a few combinations from shops in Malaysia, combining a budget and your lifestyle for the most needed cup of coffee to keep you functioning.
We base this article on the most convenient way of coffee making to serve one to three persons.
Grind level
Coarse: Like pepper ground from a pepper mill
Medium coarse: Like grits or coarse sand
Fine: Like beach sand
Vietnamese drip coffee
Traditional and with style
Vietnamese drip coffee
Where to buyCuppa.com.my
Coffee beans: Any dark roasted coffee beans. For authenticity, use chicory – a caffeine free herb.
Grind size: Medium coarse
Grinder: Put coffee beans in a zip lock bag and crush them with a hammer or rolling pin.
Cost: RM20 – RM50 Drink it with condensed milk hot or add ice to make cold coffee.

Bodum French Press

On the go all the time? Try this.
French Press / Aeropress
Where to buy:
1) French press with Pyrex glass from Coffee Ritual at RM45;
2) Bodum French Press from Parkson at RM89;
3) Aeropress from Cuppa Boutique at RM169.
Grind size: Coarse
Grinder:  A pepper mill will do the trick for this method. Perfect for the office if you have limited storage area. Great too is you are travelling! Just make sure the grinder is cleaned off pepper before adding your favourite coffee beans.
Cost: RM45 – RM169 The cost of the coffee maker and a recycled pepper mill. If it’s the right size, you can even store the pepper mill inside the coffee maker to save space!

Chaicoffski Turbo Filter

Always going into a meeting
Chaicoffski Turbofilter
Where to buy: Cuppa Boutique at RM69 – RM159
Grind size: Coarse
Grinder: Anything that saves your time. Pre-grind your coffee and put in a container for easy carry. Make enough for the day in the morning and never have to worry about running out of coffee.
Where to buy:
1) Antique Manual Coffee Grinder from Cuppa Boutique at RM129
2) Tiamo Manual Coffee Grinder Set from Cuppa Boutique at RM159
Cost: RM69 – RM318 Buy pre-ground coffee to save time. If you want your coffee fresh though, a grinder with container like the Tiamo set will be a good buy.

Clever dripper

For one who can live with any kind of coffee

Manual Dripper (flat bottom)
Where to buy:
1) Basic 3-hole dripper from Daiso at RM5;
2) Clever dripper from Cuppa Boutique at RM79;
Drip paper
Where to buy:
1) A bag of 70-90 pieces from Daiso for RM5;
3) Drip coffee filter flat bottom of 40 pieces from Cuppa Boutique at RM10.
Grind size: Medium coarse
Grinder: Manual grinder for 1 to 3 cups
Hario grinder

Where to buy:

1) Hario from Coffee Ritual at RM120;
2) Tiamo mini grinder from Cuppa Boutique at RM139.
Both grinders allow adjusting grind size.
Cost: RM10 if you buy both the dripper and paper from Daiso and grind your coffee beans with a mortar. Alternatively, just buy pre-ground coffee.
A bit classier: RM140 – RM220 Invest a little on a decent grinder can save you time in the long run and with more consistent grind.

Qarth dripper

Desperado vs. Perfectionist
Manual Dripper (cone)
Where to buy:
1) Qarth coffee dripper from Coffee Ritual at RM28;
2) Cone coffee dripper from Isetan at RM80.
Paper filter
Where to buy:
1) Coffee Ritual at RM8
2) Cuppa Boutique at RM12
Grind size: Fine
Grinder: Use a manual grinder or a blade grinder. There is always a slicer that comes with a juicer that can be doubled as a blade grinder, use that if you already have one. With a blade grinder or slicer, you can get extremely fine grind but make sure the machine is turned on less than 20 seconds and shake the container each grind to avoid burning your coffee.
Cost for Desperado: RM32 if you already have the slicer or blade grinder and don’t want to buy another one.
Cost for Perfectionist: RM200 – RM250 You like very strong coffee and there is no compromise in the consistency of your coffee ground. If you have already invested in a good dripper, it is only fair to get a decent grinder to go with it.

Note: All the grinders mentioned above are burr grinders unless otherwise stated.


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