Vitagen Celebrates 40 Years with Nationwide Roadshow on Gut Health

Updated: 14 Aug 2017 | By:

Vitagen’s nationwide roadshow aims to educate all Malaysians the importance of a healthy gut and the role it plays in boosting our immunity, mental clarity and even our mood. While VITAGEN has always been synonymous with digestive health, most Malaysians are unaware why Malaysia’s No. 1 Cultured milk drink is good for them.

Expect a series of fun and educational activities that promote key benefits of a healthy gut – better immunity, sharper mental clarity and a positive emotional state. Look out for a maze shaped in a VITAGEN bottle, it’s the highlight of the roadshow for us to learn to navigate our way to better gut health with VITAGEN.

Date: 23rd - 27th August
Venue: IOI City Mall, LG Centre Court, Putrajaya

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