Itís Rum, have Fun!

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The KL Rum Fiesta is back for the second year. This year events will take place at Locker & Loft, Coley and JungleBird KL. Six days full of rum fun with masterclasses by special guest, Tom Bulmer from Sydney and guest shifts in the participating bars.

Dates: 6 - 11 September 2017
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The 6-day full schedule is:

Sept 6 (Wednesday) - Locker & Loft
7pm: Launch party of KL Rum Fiesta (sweet deals & some free rum cocktails)
8pm: Rum Masterclass by Tom Bulmer - "Using White & Dark Rums in Cocktails".
10pm: Tom Bulmer guest shift 

Sept 7 (Thursday) - Coley
2pm: Tiki Masterclass by Tom Bulmer (Trade & media)
9pm: Tom Bulmer guest shift

Sept 8 (Friday) - Locker & Loft, Coley & JungleBird KL
Go get buzzed at any of the three bars - do rum flights, try some new rum cocktails, maybe some rum shots

Sept 9 (Saturday) - JungleBird KL
3pm: Intimate Masterclass by Tom Bulmer (by invititation only)
8pm: Tom Bulmer guest shift

Sept 10 (Sunday)
Do like Friday

Sept 11 (Monday) - JungleBird KL
8pm: Closing party and you may feed Tom