This soft serve ice cream was built for Instagram

This soft serve ice cream was built for Instagram

What did you always imagine the most picture-worthy soft serve to look like? Well, for me, I always imagined it would look blue (my favourite colour!) and surrounded by a tuft of cloud. Jennifer Lam, the co-founder of Australian soft serve parlour Aqua S seemed to have the same idea. Naturally, however, her soft serve is just as much about the flavour as it is about the looks.

Their signature dessert is indeed blue in colour (yay!), surrounded by a cloud of cotton candy, drizzled with sweet popcorn (something different compared to the salted popcorn Australians favour) and pop rocks candy, as well as decorated with a caramelised marshmallow and a chocolate figurine of a Koala.

Jennifer told us that Aqua S's signature flavour and the one that kicked started it all was the Sea Salt soft serve. The inspiration for this came when she was on a holiday in Okinawa, Japan where she tried sea salt ice cream. "I took it and I wondered what I could do with it," Jennifer said. "It was white in colour but it tasted sweet and salty at the same time."

Aqua S soft serve

Many months later and after plenty of trial and error, Aqua S was born! Fast forward to today, it has now grown into a soft serve parlour that attracts fans from all over the world. Its desserts' cute appearances and vivid colours help boost its exposure and it's now known as the world's most Instagrammable soft serve. The selection of three flavours rotate every two weeks so you can expect more surprises from Aqua S every month.

The best part about all of this (besides getting to try the yummy soft serve) is that Aqua S is opening in Singapore in two weeks! Meanwhile, we Malaysians don't have to worry, it'll be here soon enough. Trust us. And if you're heading to Sydney soon, it wouldn't hurt to see what Destination New South Wales has to offer! 

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