Is Cornetto Black Hojicha Really “Black”?

Is Cornetto Black Hojicha Really “Black”?

We all know that Cornetto are ice-cream in cones with ingredients and flavours layered to create different textures, and “love” is the centre of their brand.

Their latest Cornetto Black Hojicha ice cream is a combination of Hojicha flavoured ice cream, chocolate flavoured waffle cone and a sweet runny dark chocolate sauce in the centre.

Hojicha is Japanese green tea traditionally roasted in porcelain pots over charcoal which creates a reddish-brown colour, so technically, it’s not black. The Japanese inspired ice-cream, however, has a sleek black packaging. The sleeve is an embossed, multi-varnished packaging with traditional Japanese patterns that makes it look sleek and premium.

Is it good? For RM3 per cone, we think it’s alright.

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