Foreign Desserts We Love

Foreign Desserts We Love

For those of us who have a sweet tooth, these are some desserts that have left a lasting effect on us in more ways than one.

Origin: Italy
Trust the Italians to take espresso, cheese and cream and make it into one of the most elaborate, sinful and most well-received desserts around. 

Origin: United States
The cupcake craze hit us several years ago and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. For the most part though, fans of this dessert are drawn to the ‘cute’ factor of these tiny bite-sized cakes that are lathered with icing and elaborate designs.

Origin: England
Mostly found on the dessert buffet table at hotels, the classic English dessert consists of layers of cake crumbs laced with rum or brandy, mixed fruit, custard and topped off with raspberry jelly.

Origin: Australia
The Ozzie’s have taken the French macaroon, made them bigger and topped them off with an array of toppings such as dark chocolate and fresh fruit and custard. We certainly approve!

Origin: Thailand
Our neighbours up north got it right when they cooked sticky rice with rich coconut milk and paired them with fresh, ripe and sweet mangoes. A perfect way to cap off any Thai meal.



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