A Culinary Journey with Hennessy XO Odyssey

A Culinary Journey with Hennessy XO Odyssey

If you’ve been looking for a reason to treat yourself this month, look no further than 2017’s edition of the Hennessy XO Odyssey dinner.

Hosted at DC Restaurant, exemplary Chef Darren Chin has been tasked with creating an immersive experience to awaken the senses using Hennessy XO’s seven iconic tasting notes as the focus of the seven-course cognac pairing dinner, with each course expertly highlighting one note. The result is a well-curated exploration of flavours and textures, made with fresh ingredients (all vegetables are from DC Restaurant’s garden) hand-selected by Chef Chin himself, and so artfully plated you’d maybe feel a little bit bad for digging in.

Chef Chin describes the culinary experience as “an eclectic mix of courses which encompasses texture, flavour combinations and respect for what the land has to offer. This menu was created to showcase the versatility of Hennessy XO as an unrivalled pairing for gastronomy.”

The seven courses – named Sweet Notes, Infinite Echo, Wood Crunches, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Rising Heat, and Chocolate Lull – are served with XO in one of three ways (on the rocks, with a splash of water, or neat) according to what element the dish is meant to bring to life.
Standout dishes from this selection include the first plate with Botan Ebi, the sweet spotted prawns dressed with lemon basil and chilli oil that helps to open the appetite with the Sweet Notes course, served with XO on the rocks; in-season Japanese snow crab for the Spicy Edge in a consommé infused with lemon balm and decorated with shaved black truffles, served with XO and a splash of water; Rising Heat’s decadent Italian veal fillet poached in milk together with lightly grilled foie gras, and XO neat; and the grand finale, the Chocolate Lull with 100 per cent Arabica coffee ice cream, spiced banana, and lemon Chantilly, all of them combined together takes the edge of the XO served neat, and changes it to a more creamy palate – suitable for a dessert and a fantastic close to an exceptional meal.

Seven courses may sound intimidating, but each plate is part of an enriching journey with thoughtfully crafted arrangements of flavours that capture the essence of Hennessy XO. And to that we say bravo to Chef Chin, and santé to Hennessy.


The Hennessy XO Odyssey 2017 will be running from 17 July to 14 August at DC Restaurant, and reservations can be made at +603 7731 0502 or +6012 223 2991.


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