The most satisfying feeling from a fruit box

The most satisfying feeling from a fruit box

Sliding open the lid of a sweating acrylic box and picking out a freshly cut slice of fruit is the most satisfactory and guilt-free after-meal snack in the hot Malaysian weather (sometimes even when it’s raining). The usual choices would be papaya, mango, pineapple and guava, placed neatly on top of a giant ice block.

I want to talk about guava, the most taken-for-granted fruit in our climate. The green guava is not juicy, it’s flesh is hard outside and softer but still firm on the inside with edible seeds; it has a pleasant fragrance, bitter skin but sweet flesh and is rich in fibre.  

The guava is normally cut into cubes, thick skin shaved off, leaving the firm white flesh that goes best with asam boi (plum powder) or salt. The saltiness combined with the sweet dryness of the fruit gives a unique flavour combination whilst making it the perfect palate cleanser.

The Asian Delight combines ingredients especially available in Asia, which makes for a punchy cocktail full of Asian flavours. You’re first hit by the citrus fragrance from the kaffir lime leaf that’s broken to release its scent, which is very similar to the guava’s fragrance. The other element of the drink would be the lemongrass, now you are likely to feel much relaxed from the lemony scent that’s a favourite in Thai cuisine as well as in spas.

Sip the cocktail through crushed ice, you now taste the dryness of the guava in the citrus-packed libation that is going to give you a kick real quick from its base spirit. The lightly peppery note from the tequila is masked by the stronger citrus but the vanilla and oaky flavours are complemented in this drink. It’s like eating the guava newly picked up from the giant ice block in the acrylic box, no chewing needed.


Asian Delight

Jose Cuervo Tequila
Guava juice
Kaffir lime leaf
Simple syrup
Lime juice
Sea salt
RM45.30 nett



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