Bar Awards Singapore now open for nomination

Bar Awards Singapore now open for nomination

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After a great success of the Bangkok chapter, The Bar Awards Singapore is now open for public nomination. The online submission is open from 1st May 2017. Until the 14th May to give your most favorite watering holes a thumbs up.

The independent awarding body was started by Tron Young and Emily Seow from a small party in 2014 held in Singapore. After 3 years, it’s now expanded to include Bangkok, Hong Kong and Malaysia. A Lead Panel is selected from as many aspects of the F&B industry to ensure the widest involvement.

10 leaders of industry of the Singapore bar community would discuss the growth and development of their city, which then acknowledge who contributes the most by rewarding them the recognition through The Bar Awards. The Singapore Lead Panel members in 2017 include:

• Naz Arjuna (Bitter & Love)
• Jing Heng Boo (Tess Bar & Kitchen)
• Colin Chia (Diageo)
• Peter Chua (Crackerjack)
• Guoyi Gan (Jigger & Pony Group)
• Abhishek C. George (The Spiffy Dapper)
• Natasha Hong (Drink Magazine)
• Denise Tan (Unlisted Collection)
• Rachel Tann (Remy Cointreau)
• Ivy Woo (Foodnews)

And the award categories are:

1. The Rising Star presented by Perrier
Formerly the Young Bartender of the Year award, this awards aims to encourage new blood to join the hospitality industry by recognising and acknowledging those who have chosen F&B as their career.

Nominees must be born on or after 1 January 1992 (25 years old) and must be currently bartending in an establishment in Singapore as of the nomination date.

2. Best Restaurant Bar
This award recognizes a restaurant that appreciates that diners want a great beverage program to accompany their food.

Nominated establishment must be a dining venue that is set for mainly culinary experience and supported by an equally great beverage programme.

3. Best Beer Experience presented by Pilsner Urquell
This is for establishment with a well-curated beer offering backed by knowledgeable and passionate people by providing great beverage and overall drinking experience.

4. Best Hospitality Team
This is for teamwork that makes the most hospitable service team that compliments the bar’s already excellent beverage program.

5. Best Bar Food
Different from the Best Restaurant Bar award that awards the best beverage program, this award recognises the bar with the most delicious bar food.

6. Best Wine Experience
It is not about having the largest collection or the most vintages, but who put effort into curating an exciting, innovative wine list and works hard to educate through passion.

7. Most Creative Cocktail Bar, presented by Cointreau
This award recognizes the establishment with the most innovative cocktail program. From sourcing the best ingredients to distilling the best spirits, and to the mise en place for the most unique and complicated cocktails.

8. Best New Cocktail Bar, presented by Campari
This award recognizes a new establishment that has made an impact on the local cocktail culture.

Nominated establishment must be open on or after 1 May 2016.

9. Bartender of the Year, presented by Bacardi
The Bartender of the Year is an award given to the bartender whose skills, knowledge, and the ability to connect with people is extraordinary beyond measure. The level of leadership, skill and hospitality extended by this individual is an experience in itself.

Nominees must be bartending on shift at least two (2) nights a week in an establishment in Singapore as of the nomination date.

10. Best Cocktail Bar, presented by Stolichnaya Vodka
The Best Cocktail Bar is the establishment that endlessly exceeds expectations and strives for the most outstanding bar experiences with impeccable service, warm hospitality, superbly crafted cocktails, a well-curated beverage program, delectable food offerings and a mesmerising ambience.

Nominate Now!

Nomination closes 14th May 2017.

The Bar Awards Singapore events will be held from 16th to 18th June 2017 in various locations.




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