Belvedere Vodka released cocktail collection

Belvedere Vodka released cocktail collection

Luxury vodka brand Belvedere is known for its delightfully good spirit and now it's added a new line to its name: Belvedere Spritz Collection. It features a range of low sugared fruity cocktails that are about all-natural ingredients and zero additives. What it does have is Belvedere's two ingredients – Dankowskie rye and artesian water, crafted by a 600-year-old Polish vodka-making tradition.

"The collection was created last year as a global movement to promote responsible drinking," said Marek Vojcarcik, Belvedere Vodka's Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador in an interview. "We felt that there was a lack of drink options in bars that are low in both alcohol and sugar so this was a great opportunity to educate bartenders and the public."

Belvedere Brand Ambassador Marek Vojcarcik
Marek Vojcarcik, Belvedere Vodka's Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador 

"It's great for those who enjoy drinking socially but need or want lower ABV (alcohol by volume) and/or sugar options for a more balanced lifestyle," Marek added.

To launch the new tasty collection on our shores, Marek crafted four delicious variations of the Spritz cocktails: Belvedere Spritz, Sailors Martini, Belvedere Banana & Tarragon Spritz and the Classic Belvedere Sour at an exclusive tasting event held at SkyBar, Traders Hotel.

If you head to the Belvedere Vodka website, there are plenty of cocktail recipes you can try at home.


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