Brass Lion Distillery made history with the first whisky in Singapore
Photo: Kim Choong

Brass Lion Distillery made history with the first whisky in Singapore

From creating the wash, distilling, and aging on site the distillery, Brass Lion has made history by creating the first ever whisky from grain to bottle all on the island of Singapore.

Working with General Brewing Co in 2019, the wash was brewed using top-fermenting ale yeasts and Moris Otter malt to accommodate Singapore’s high humidity and equatorial climate. The wash was fruity with complex flavours as a result of the thermotolerant yeast used with fermentation done at local ambient temperature.

The 2000-liter wash then underwent double distillation and was reduced to 180 liters of 68% ABV new make spirit. This spirit was poured into a bourbon barrel, where it matured for a minimum of three years, adhering to international whisky standards and regulations.

After 3 years and 9 months of maturation process on site the Brass Lion Distillery, 8% of the liquid was lost to the angel's share. The remaining liquid was meticulously bottled, resulting in 427 bottles of 500ml whisky. Among them, 70 bottles are bottled at 65% cask strength, while 48% are part of a limited release single malt whisky.

Official Tasting Notes

Brass Lion Whisky 48% ABV S$328
Nose: Wood-kissed vanilla with notes of dried apricot
Palate: Honeyed sweetness with a rich mouthfeel balanced by notes of bitter almond
Finish: Smooth and creamy with a hint of nutmeg spice

Cask Strength 65% ABV S$468
Nose: Warm oak with aromatic notes of creamy vanilla and dried apricot
Palate: Rich caramel and honeyed sweetness complemented by flavours of bitter almond and nutmeg spice
Finish: Smooth and full-bodied, with a lingering finish

Be among the firsts to try the first Singapore whisky and snag a bottle of the limited release at Making History: A Brass Lion Whisky Experience, a pop-up event held over 4 Saturdays starting from 23 September to 14 October at the distillery with a mini whisky exhibition, tasting, pairing and cocktails. Each session is limited to 20 pax at S$78+ per person. Buy tickets here.

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