Brooklyn Brewery comes to Singapore

Brooklyn Brewery comes to Singapore

Brooklyn Brewery announced its launch in Singapore at KPO Café, where their perennial beers such as the Brooklyn Lager and East IPA will be available on tap regularly. The beers, including some of their seasonal selections, will make their way to more outlets in the months to come.
Brooklyn Brewery was founded by Steve Hindy, a foreign news editor, and Tom Potter, a banker, in 1988. Their intention was to pay homage to Brooklyn borough’s diverse cultures and traditions from around the world. Milton Glaser, a the graphic designer best known for his creation of the “I Love New York” logo, later joined the business.

The brand first started brewing at FX Matt Brewing Company, with Tom and Steve personally transportinged and marketing their beers to bars and retails shops. Brooklyn’s own brewery opened in 1996 in Williamsburg, by which time, Garrett Oliver was already Brooklyn’s brewmaster for 2 years and is still the brewmaster for Brooklyn today. The brewery expanded in 2009 but the lease ran out and they are now moving out of the borough to Utica, New York, into a 200,000 sq. ft. facility on Staten Island.

Brooklyn Beer is brought in by Carlsberg in an international distribution partnership. Brooklyn Octoberfest, Black Chocolate Stout, and Bel Air Sour are some of the seasonal variants to be expected in Singapore.



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