The Mysterious Bruichladdich's Black Art Whisky
Photo: Saufi Nadzri

The Mysterious Bruichladdich's Black Art Whisky

Bruichladdich (pronounced as ‘brooch-laddie’) is a distillery on the Scottish Islay (‘ai-la’) island, embraced by hills and the sea, fervently committed to terroir, sustainability, and transparency. Barley is sourced from 19 local farms on the island, home to about 3,000 residents and over 15,000 during whisky seasons. With a dedication to quality, their whisky is crafted from local barley and Islay spring water, distilled and bottled on the same island.

Bruichladdich Black Art is an enigmatic and mysterious series of whisky releases from the Bruichladdich distillery. It's known for its secrecy surrounding the cask types and aging process, with the distillery releasing very limited information about the whisky's production. Each release under the Black Art label is typically a heavily aged, non-age statement whisky known for its complexity and richness.

Unlike some whisky releases, Bruichladdich's Black Art series does not adhere to a numerical or sequential chapter system. Instead, each batch is distinguished by a specific vintage or edition number, often named as "Edition" followed by a number or year.

Every bottle carries a code, allowing customers to unveil its contents on the Bruichladdich website, aligning with the distillery's commitment to transparency.

Since its inception in 2008, Black Art unveils a unique and unrepeatable edition annually. Only three details – vintage, age, and ABV – are disclosed. The 2024 edition (bottled in 2023), Black Art 11, housed in a matte black bottle adorned with enigmatic symbols, reveals its dark amber contents upon opening. The exclusive knowledge of Black Art's processes and recipe rests solely with the Head Distiller, Adam Hannett.

Black Art signifies Hannett's exploration of creative freedom and flavour experimentation with Islay's local produce. It symbolises a legacy of consistent quality, fostering trust with Bruichladdich's customers, guaranteeing an exquisite bottle to be appreciated, admired, and savoured.

Tasting notes from the 1994 vintage, a 24-year-old single malt with an 44.2%ABV:

On the nose, sweet notes of dried fruit and leather precede the first taste, revealing deep honey, barley, and oak flavours. Lingering notes reminiscent of Christmas fruitcake, with hints of fruit and a subtle savoury earthiness akin to the umami of mushrooms.

To purchase or learn more about Black Art 11, visit bruichladdich.com.

Past Bruichladdich Black Art editions up to 2023:

- Black Art 01.1 1989 Vintage 19Y 51.1% (2008)
- Black Art 02.1 1989 Vintage 21Y 49.7% (2010)
- Black Art 03.1 1989 Vintage 22Y 48.7% (2012)
- Black Art 04.1 1990 Vintage 23Y 49.2% (2013)
- Black Art 05.1 1992 Vintage 24Y 48.4% (2016)
- Black Art 06.1 1990 Vintage 26Y 46.9% (2017)
- Black Art 07.1 1994 Vintage 25Y 48.4% (2019)
- Black Art 08.1 1994 Vintage 26Y 45.1% (2020)
- Black Art 09.1 1992 Vintage 29Y 44.1% (2021)
- Black Art 10.1 1993 Vintage 29Y 45.1% (2022)
- Black Art 11.1 1994 Vintage 24Y 44.2% (2023)


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