Chatting Over Coffee

Chatting Over Coffee

Coffee tastes great on its own but there’s no denying it does taste better over a conversation.

Most would consider the movies for a first date, we however think nothing quite beats a quick cuppa instead. Affordable, easily accessible and simple, a coffee allows you to get to know one another in a relaxed and casual setting
- two important environments that are essential when you’re asking each other questions. If things are going exceptionally well, then there’s always the option for cake right after too…

Perhaps it’s the caffeine or the air of formality involved whenever work gets discussed over coffee but somehow we seem to work better and more efficiently with a hot cup of coffee. So the next time you have to hammer out that next big proposal, take the troops out of the confines of the office and into the friendly neighbourhood Starbucks instead. Plus, the Wi-Fi is free.

We’ve all been guilty of being caught up with work and the rat race and finding time sometimes to catch up with old mates is even too much of an ask. However, if there’s an avenue to do a quick catch-up, an excuse for a quick caffeine fix could be just the right thing to keep each other abreast about what’s going on in your respective lives.

Planning your next vacation? Then do it over a cuppa. A coffee puts you in a relaxed and laid back mood, which allows you to clear your head to figure out your next vacation plans. Who knows, maybe an exotic blend of coffee might just spur your imagination enough for you to plan that vacation of a lifetime you’ve always dreamt off.

Most of us can’t properly function without a fresh cup of Java juice in the morning. So it’s always best to get a head start before heading out for work by tanking up on coffee. Not only will it put you in a better frame of mind before you head into the office but a fresh brew at home also allows you the opportunity to discuss the affairs and plans of the day with your loved one and/or family before you officially clock in.


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