Drinking Advents

Drinking Advents

Christmas is celebrated around the world but gifts of more varieties are usually available in countries with longer history for celebrating this festival. Thanks to the internet, we can now order them online and not worried about giving the same present as others.

The Whisky Advent
Whisky lovers are going to like these. Open a door a day to be surprised by different 3cl drams every day up to the day of Christmas. Apparently one of the doors hid one that is aged 50 years and the full bottle is worth £350!
£149.95 from Master of Malt

Ginvent Calendar
Not all the gins taste the same and here are 24 varieties for you to explore. Replace your daily chocolate with a daily gin, what’s more? Share it with others and make the experience even more memorable. The Gin Blog is teaming up with Master of Malt for this exclusive gift that will sure make you very po!
£79.95 from Master of Malt

Starbucks Advent
Alright, we were expecting some coffee items from this giant chain but there they have put in $40 worth of chocolate truffles and 5 days of other surprises. At least we know that their chocolate is always more popular than their coffee.
$29.95 from Starbucks (only available in the US)

Tea Advent
24 infusion organic tea bags are filled in this advent. Each is individually packed and decorated with Christmas illustrations. A great choice as present for health oriented organic tea lovers.
€3.73 from Pure Nature

DIY Advent
This great idea is a current hit on Pinterest for Christmas advent posted by a wedding resource style site Style Me Pretty. Pick your favourite drink (or booze) and mark them by the day, we would suggest wine, beer, soda, coffee beans and even cocktails. Unless you are sharing with others, a full bottle of spirit a day on your own is probably over the top.
Money for drinks and labels from wherever you are

*Delivery charges are not included in the price listed above


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