A new milk juice drink

A new milk juice drink

Here at Thirst Mag we’re not only about spirits and caffeine, we also keep a balanced diet and really enjoy our five a day. So here is something new to shout about: Coca-Cola Malaysia has released the refreshing and reenergising milk juice drink Nutri Boost.

Halal certified, it’s made with the world’s best milk from New Zealand and real fruit juice, and it’s fortified with Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, E, and Zinc and Calcium. Currently only available in orange and strawberry flavours, it’s an interesting and delicious way to refuel during the day.

And get this: in conjunction with the launch Coca-Cola Malaysia is teaming up with music app Shazam so customers can redeem a free bottle. Just scan any ad with the Shazam cues from Nutri Boost, then input your name and mobile number for a unique code, and exchange it for the drink at your nearest MyNews.com outlet.

Each Nutri Boost is sold in 250ml bottles at RRP RM2.50.


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