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Giffard West Cup Art of Mixing 2022 - Listen To The Flavours | Drinks | Thirst Magazine
Giffard West Cup Art of Mixing 2022 - Listen To The Flavours
Photo: Cliff Choong

Giffard West Cup Art of Mixing 2022 - Listen To The Flavours

Giffard West Cup Art of Mixing is returning in 2022 themed “Listen to The Flavours”, pushing bartenders to connect their competing cocktail with a matching tune. Music is one of the most important elements in shaping a bar’s atmosphere and setting the vibe for the patrons at the same level as the bartender.

“Like watching a movie without sound,” says Giffard’s official document. “Bringing the right vibe is just as important as the bartender creating the drinks. We believe that music permeates the universal work of bartenders, and this is in keeping with the Giffard family’s belief in the strong and dynamic link between mixology and art.”

Bartenders are to submit their entry through a photo and a video reel on Instagram between 10 April 2022 and 15 May 2022.

Selection process

1. Create a cocktail inspired by music
Pair a song to your cocktail, a classic tune you love to listen while bartending

2. Liqueurs Matters

  • Use at least 20ml of Giffard Liqueurs that will represent at least 50% of the total spirit volume in ML
  • Take a beautiful photo of your creation and a video reel with your favourite tune while making the cocktail, post it on Instagram through your personal or bar account. Make sure your account is open to the public.
  • Write a caption and a recipe that will get our groove on.
  • Follow and tag us @giffardmalaysia @giffardasiapacific and #giffardwestcup2022

Points breakdown

Instagram Post (60%)

  • Photo (10%)
    Composition, contrast, lighting, colour, tells a story.
  • Expression of Giffard - Liqueur Matters (20%)
    Does the liqueur chosen shine or is it overshadowed? Was it used in a creative fashion that highlights its attributes?
  • Link the caption and story with the theme - "Listen to the Flavors" (20%)
    Is the cocktail story telling around the music relevant with the cocktail creation.
  • Recipe (10%)
    How interesting it is, makes us want to know more and send you to the next round.

Video (40%)

  • Charisma (20%)
    Showmanship, skills. This is about communication, professionalism and how you engage us. Personality is key here.
  • Appearance of cocktail (10%)
    Visual appeal of the cocktail, appropriate glassware and its cleanliness, color of the drink, garnish selection and application.
  • Overall video quality (10%)
    How entertaining it is, how you engage us


  • Popularity (5%)
    Based on number of likes on IG post and video

Competition format

  • Maximum 10 participants will compete in the local selection (per country).
  • Top 2 Malaysian winners will go on a paid trip to Bali to compete in the Asia Finals in July 2022.
  • Top 2 Asia Finalists will win a trip to France to compete with bartenders around the world in September 2022.

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