Girl by Necker

Girl by Necker

Spirit type: Liqueur
Origin: Cognac, France
Company: By Necker
Year established: 2006
Product: By Necker – the brand that produces Girl, was incorporated in 2006 by Cyril Necker in Geneva, Switzerland. The production facilities however, are located in Cognac Region, France.

President of the company, Cyril Necker, was born in Bordeaux  and was brought up in a wine culture. His 10 years of marketing experience and 15 years in the wine and spirits industry has provided him with a vast knowledge about brand creation and marketing.

Cyril Necker created Girl specially for the women market. It combines French premium spirits flavoured with lychee and contains 30% fewer calories than other spirits or liqueurs. The lychee taste presents a delicate and perfume-like flavour, so it taste light on its own and also makes it easy for drinks creation.  It can be served neat, on the rocks or straight up with soda or fruit juice.

Girl Pink - Litchi, raspberry (concentrated juice), grain vodka and Cognac, 25 % alcohol by volume
Girl White - Coconut, praline, vanilla, grain vodka and Armagnac - 21 % alcohol by volume

Local distributor(s):
Luen Heng Sdn Bhd



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