Goodbye Hangover

Goodbye Hangover

Two doctors have put together a specially formulated recipe for healthy individuals who drink alcohol. The multivitamin not only include your daily dose of required nutrients but also ingredients such as milk thistle and artichoke leaf that support liver health.

It is believed that people who consume alcohol are more prone to certain vitamins deficiency due to alcohol’s empty calories that deplete the body’s existing vitamins and slow down the absorption rate of any nutrient intake.

These vitamins are now included in a party pack for a hangover-free night. The kit contains everything you need for a drinking night out:

1) Two Drinkwel Packets – Contain 3 capsules. Take one packet before your night out and one after, before going to bed.
2) 12 Healthy Cocktail Recipes – Make one of the recipes.
3) Smart Drinking Tips – Refer for some good tips.
4) One Pack Sugar-Free Mints – Bring it along for the night.
5) One Pack Electrolyte Tablets – Take it when you wake up or mix it with your breakfast.

The website claims that if the multivitamin doesn’t work after 2 weeks, you can get your money back.


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