Heineken introduces Edelweiss wheat beer into Malaysia’s portfolio
Photo: Kim Choong

Heineken introduces Edelweiss wheat beer into Malaysia’s portfolio

Heineken Malaysia introduces a new addition into their Malaysia portfolio, Edelweiss, a modern take on a classic Austrian wheat beer.

Originally brewed in Salzburg since 1986, the recipe is said to have been born in the alps with all-natural ingredients. With its tagline “Feel the Alps”, the beer when chilled to taste crisp with its cool bites should be like taking a deep breath of pure mountain air, evoking feeling of its birthplace in the Austrian Alps.

The name Edelweiss, literally means “noble and pure” in German, is the name of a flower unique to high altitude remote mountain areas of Eastern Europe. The brand, however, uses it as a metaphor for the beer’s purity and singular uniqueness but no mention of the flower used as an ingredient.

The premium wheat beer at 4.9% alcohol volume is golden colour and easy to drink. It has the light aroma of cloves with subtle hints of sage, coriander and elderflower; on the palate, it tastes of mild sweetness like a yellow banana, and carries a floral (hoppy) finish without lingering bitterness.

Edelweiss is available in 300ml bottle and can, as well as on draught with Blade Draught Machine. Now available in retail stores nationwide and on Drinkies.

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