International Beer Day

International Beer Day

Started by a group of friends who decided the need to celebrate all things beer, the International Beer Day is into its 6th year of celebration.

This is a day to gather with friends to enjoy beer, celebrate the people who brew and serve them. Most importantly, to bring the world together with one thing that most of the people agree upon – beer!

The team started a website that allows bars around the world to sign up and get involved on this day; it also allows you to locate a local bar near you that is celebrating this international event. In Malaysia, we have Sid’s Pub and Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant; whereas in Singapore, we see a registration at the North Tower of One Raffles Quay.

There are suggestions for bars owners or managers who wish to be involved in this event such as creating drink deals, bringing in new beer or organising a pub crawl. They encourage breweries to host the event carrying own beer or even throw a party if there is an outlet to the brewery. Restaurants can get listed on their official map online by registering on the website, only if the restaurant sells beer, of course.

To create awareness, the team also encourage bloggers to recommend a few favourite bars, write a post announcing the day and encourage local outlets to participate.

As the regular folks who are obviously the most important factor that gets this event going, enjoy a few pints with your mates and get some good deals! You can recommend your favourite bar and pledge to celebrate it via Facebook.

If you have a favourite bar or restaurant that serves beer and you want to recommend it, do write to us. You can reach us at editor@thirstmag.com and we’ll convey the message for you.

If you are at Sid’s Pub or Brotzeit this 5th of August, raise your glass to the celebration of good beer and good life!


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