It's Sweet To Be Alive

It's Sweet To Be Alive

If you are reading this article, you have survived the predicted Mayan apocalypse. 
How was this prediction all started?
It all started by a speculation of a Planet X (called Nibiru and was said to be 4 times larger than the earth) that was going to collide with the Earth in May 2003. This rumour was initiated in 1995 by a Wisconsian, Nancy Liedel who believed that a chip was planted in her head when she was a little girl by extraterrestrial object named Zeta in order to communicate their messages to the earth. When the collision did not happen, the end-of-the-world prediction was then linked to the end of the cycles of the ancient Mayan calendar some time during the winter solstice in 2012.
As Liedel’s claim was not scientifically supported, it has been rejected as pseudoscience by scientists and astronomers. As the time came closer to the predicted doomsday, more and more authorities and planetary research organisations such as NASA have stepped up to counter this unfounded claim. 
Yet, the dramatic value of the doomsday prediction is still a great gimmick and most talk about subject used commercially worldwide. We won’t spare this chance for an excuse to party. Here is to celebrate life!
It’s after doomsday, but we live! The big part of the earth has been damaged due to the collision. It was hard to find proper glassware, a jam jar would do the job just the same. We were part of the milky way now and what is better than having some rum to celebrate our survival and DOM Benedictine Liqueur to nurse the reborn after the apocalypse? It’s sweet to be alive!

Created by Ben Ng of Fluid Alchemy Bar School
It's Sweet To Be Alive!
2 nos Egg Yolk
10ml   Fresh Cream
45ml   Kraken Spice Rum
10ml   DOM Benedictine Liqueur
10ml   Giffard Vanilla Syrup
          Cube Ice
2 nos Strawberry (quartered)
1. Mix all ingredients (except strawberries) into a cocktail shaker and shake.
2. Fine strain cocktail into a jam jar.
3. Serve with an accompaniment of fresh strawberries.
- It is advisable to get strawberries that are slightly more sour for this.
- Take a bite of the strawberry every time before you take a sip of the cocktail. 

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