Launch of Royal Vodka in Malaysia

Launch of Royal Vodka in Malaysia

After our first encounter with the brand in Hong Kong earlier this year, Royal Dragon Vodka - a super luxury brand spirits, has finally entered Malaysia. 
Brought in by Luen Heng F&B, a subsidiary of Carlsberg Malaysia, the product launch took place at Marini’s on 57 on the 5th of September 2013.  Luen Heng F&B is the market leader in the alcoholic beverage industry for importing a diverse portfolio of premium beers, ciders, spirits and liquor. 
Founder of Royal Dragon Vodka, Michel Morren, is a businessman who specialises in super luxury brand. Morren is also the creator for the once Guinness Book Record achiever of the most expensive cell phone in the world. The diamond-encrusted phone was sold at 4 million ringgit Malaysia in a Millionaire Fair in France.
This time, not only including diamonds from Belgium in his new creation, Royal Dragon Vodka also comes with 23-carat Swiss gold, hand blown bottle with Asian dragon, Italian packaging and Dutch Design. 
The vodka is distilled five times using a century old copper pot still and charcoal filter. The ingredients are winter harvest rye and water. The texture is smooth and served well on the rocks or in flavoured mixer.
Royal Dragon Vodka is available at selected high-end pubs, bars and entertainment outlets in Peninsular Malaysia starting September onwards.
Read about our meeting with Michel Morren at his Hong Kong office and the Internal Affairs-like encounter here.

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