Lipton Nitro Tea chills out at High Line, Genting Highlands

Lipton Nitro Tea chills out at High Line, Genting Highlands

Some like it hot, but High Line likes it cold. Now serving exclusively at SkyAvenue Mall, Lipton Nitro Tea is the first cold tea of its kind anywhere in Malaysia.

This collaboration between Resorts World Genting, Unilever Food Solutions, and MONIN was launched recently at High Line by Gerard Walker, Vice President of Food and Beverage at Resorts World Genting, and Nusat Perveen, Managing Director of Unilever Food Solutions Malaysia (pictured).

This idea came together from #MixTealogy in 2017, which involved mixing Lipton teas with MONIN syrups to create a new selection of tea-based drinks and mocktails. From there, the concept evolved to pour the mixtures into a food-grade nitrogen gas cylinder to blend over seven hours and create this new nitro brew tea.

Nitrogen chills the beverage, and also helps create a ‘thicker’ mouthfeel and a creamy, rich head when it’s served from cylinder to glass – just like a draught beer from the tap.

High Line has two styles for you to try: the Spice Bloom Nitro Tea, a spicy drink that goes well with meat dishes; and the Blue Owl Nitro Tea, which is sharp and citrusy and goes well with seafood. Customers can purchase the Lipton Nitro Tea at Burgers & Shots, and are welcome to take away to enjoy it at any of the other food hubs that can be found at High Line (Carnivore Corner, Jon Bing, Seafood Market, Asian Heroes, and Back In Time), as it’s a great pairing with everything on offer.


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