Limitless combinations with MixTealogy

Limitless combinations with MixTealogy

Tea is a big part of Asian culture savoured by Malaysians from all walks of life and now Unilever Food Solutions (Lipton) and their new Sir Thomas J Lipton range is partnering with Monin to bring tea lovers a brand new concept.

Monin's mixologists on the event day
Monin mixologists were mixing tea using syrups and puree for guests based on their mood that day.

#MixTealogy is a blend of the purest Lipton tea paired with the Monin syrups. With Monin’s range of 175 flavours including gourmet sauces, fruit purees and frappe powder #MixTealogy opens the door to endless mixology possibilities and the creation of innovative flavours.

Mixed drinks served through nitro tap
Mixed drinks served through nitro tap.

Iced tea reached the top 5 beverages for its refreshing taste and the perception of being healthy. And with icedtea and coldbrew tea topping social media #Mixtealogy looks set to be the next big hit among consumers. 



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