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London Sake Challenge to take place virtually | Drinks | Thirst Magazine
London Sake Challenge to take place virtually

London Sake Challenge to take place virtually

The London Sake Challenge will take place in a virtual setting for the first time in 8 years on 15th July 2020 (Wednesday). The annual event organised by the Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) will expect 100 entry submissions from breweries worldwide.

The judging panel which will be formed by 20 sake experts in the United Kingdom (limited to one country due to logistic issues this year) will comprise of importers, buyers, sommeliers and food and beverage professionals both on and off trade. Samples will be sent to the judges for tasting and scores and comments will be delivered through video conference.

A new category, New World Sake, is introduced this year to recognise the quality of sakes brewed outside of Japan. Countries such as the Unites States of America, Mexico, New Zealand, France and UK will be competing in one special table for all sake types ranging from Junmai, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo, Ginjo, Daiginjo and Koshu and Sparkling.

Sakes by Japanese breweries will be under one category like the past years, branching out to their respective types. The deadline of entry submission is end of June 2020. For updated deadline, please visit The Sake Challenge’s How to Enter page

Every entry will receive tasting notes, recommended food pairing and feedback on the label/bottle design. Winners classed from Bronze to Platinum will receive a medal for their recognition. The results will be emailed to each brewery by 15 August 2020. A video symposium presenting the platinum winners will be hosted so they have a chance to pose questions directly to the judges for feedback.

The results will be announced on The Sake Challenge website after 15 August 2020.

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