Mai Tai

Mai Tai

(Photo taken at Naked KL)

40ml Mount Gay Eclipse Rum
10ml Angostura 7yr Rum
25ml fresh lime juice
15ml orange curacao
10ml orgeat syrup
5ml sugar syrup

Created by Victor Bergeron a.k.a 'Trader Vic' at his tiki restaurant in Oakland California, 1944. First served to his Polynesian friends, they tried the drink and proclaimed "Mai Tai, Roe Ae" meaning 'out of this world, the best'.

Some arguments surrounding the origin of the drink popped up during the mid 50's as Vic's rival and suggested mentor, 'Don the Beachcomber' (Ernest Beaumont Gantt) who also owned a tiki restaurant in Los Angeles proclaimed that he in fact created the drink. Most believe, including myself, that Vic is the true creator. 


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