“I made Tequila famous”

“I made Tequila famous”

[Photo: Kim Choong]

In honour of her immense contribution to drinks communities around the world, February 22nd is declared National Margarita Day in the United States. However, the legendary Margarita rarely gives interviews. The last one was in 2010 where she gushed over how hot her interviewer was and daringly asked him for a dinner date. In this unique interview with Thirst Mag (and also the first after more than 8 years), we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with the icon, on standing out and being the world’s oldest teenager.

You just turned 71, how do you feel?
I am forever 17, my darling. What are you talking about? I am never one who spends my life living in what society says a certain age is supposed to do or look like.

Can we talk about your story? There are so many versions, which one is true?
The one that stands out the most. That is how people remember you! My favourite version is that I was created by a Dallas socialite named Margaret Sames in 1948. I was created from 2 of her favourite spirits, Cointreau and Tequila. I was an instant hit, of course!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Lasting this long and still be on top. Oh! And also, I made Tequila famous!  There is not one bar in the world that does not serve Tequila. Without me, Tequila will be worthless!

Do you need to be fearless to be where you are?
Absolutely! Life’s an adventure and you just need to take the plunge. You either do the right thing or the wrong thing, but you do it. That is how you stand out. But never overindulge in anything. I like to think of myself as refreshing yet balanced with the right amount of sweetness and tartness. And of course, a pinch of boldness, which comes in the form of the signature salt covered rim.

What is your secret to success?
The rule of three.  A trio combination (or threesome J) is always more impactful, effective and memorable. Just be bold, be consistent with what you are doing and have fun along the way.

What is your life mantra?
When life hits you hard, all you need is tequila, triple sec, and lime.

What is your favourite song?
Without a doubt, Margaritaville by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett.

We are sure you have travelled around the world. Where is your favourite spot?
Margaritaville, Las Vegas of course! There was where the world’s largest Margarita was made! 32,176 litres, 300 hours and 60 people to prepare. How epic that was!

Margartia cocktail recipe
60ml Tequila
30ml Cointreau triple sec
30ml Lime juice

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