Martell Noblige Cocktails Inspired by Yeoh Choo Kuan's Art at Bar Terumi
Image source: Yeoh Choo Kuan

Martell Noblige Cocktails Inspired by Yeoh Choo Kuan's Art at Bar Terumi

A friendship between Shirmy of Bar Terumi and Yeoh Choo Kuan has led to many discussions about mixology and art, culminating in this collaboration featuring Yeoh's art pieces and cocktails made with Martell Noblige.

Yeoh Choo Kuan (1988), born and raised in Kota Bharu, Kelantan - a small town enriched with Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Thai cross-cultures - nurtured his appreciation of the beauty of diversity. This led to his versatility in developing different artistic domains such as abstract, landscapes, figurative painting, and sculptural work.

This collaboration features four of Yeoh's art pieces and cocktails that have been specially concocted to pair with the theme of each piece, aligned with Martell’s vision to explore a world where art meets Martell cognac through the lens of mixology.

Martell Noblige, French Herbal Liqueur, Red Wine Poached Pear, Rose, Lemon
Tasting notes: Layers of flavours and the interplay of the smokiness of Martell and the nuanced sweetness of the pear.

Signifying the illusion or concealment of reality, it represents the artist's intention to create layers of meaning or a disguise of emotions within the artwork, inviting viewers to delve beyond the surface and uncover deeper feelings.

Martell Noblige, Clarified Cucumber Milk, Bianco Vermouth
Tasting notes: Main flavours presented are cucumber and milk, offering a sense of refreshment and transformation in its play between creamy and refreshing textures.

A piece of white-colored art representing the concept of transformation, renewal, and the cyclical nature of creation. The title suggests an act of undoing and redoing, emphasizing the iterative process of creation and recreation.

Sour Dilemma
Martell Noblige, Calamansi, Wax Apple, Lychee, Tonic Water
Tasting notes: Balancing the rich, warming Martell with the tropical sweetness of wax apple and tanginess of calamansi.

Hinting at the bittersweet nature of summer time,* representing the dilemma between embracing the vibrant aspects of summer and navigating the complexities and challenges that come with it.

The Sun Would Hide From Me #2
Martell Noblige, Coriander Seed, Ginger, Raspberry, Red Wine
Tasting notes: The use of Martell, ginger, and raspberry symbolizes the juxtaposition of warmth and intensity echoed in the flavours and emotions evoked by the drink.

A piece of white and red encapsulating a profound emotional journey or a reflection on the human experience, creating a powerful contrast between white (purity or emptiness) and red (passion, intensity, deep emotions).

Yeoh Choo Kuan’s exhibition at Bar Terumi and the collaborative cocktails will be available until 30 April 2024. Reservations are required.

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