Ministry of Wine launches in Malaysia

Ministry of Wine launches in Malaysia

As the appreciation for good drinks and fine wines grow in Malaysia so does the selection of services that offer said libations. Enter Focus Dynamics Group Berhad, the company behind whisky lounge Chaze and gin parlour Maze, with their recently launched Ministry of Wine – the first-ever e-commerce site devoted to wine in Malaysia.

"The appetite for wine is growing in Asia," said company executive director, Benson Tay. "Wine is evolving from a special occasion drink to a daily indulgence for some." And he's totally right.

What makes Ministry of Wine stand out is its impressive gallery of over 5000 labels – both Old World and New World – that are available for choosing at the click of a button. The website, designed for super smooth use, allows guests to select their bottle by country, region, grape variety, vintage and more so you'll never have to worry about getting lost.

But wait, it gets better. There's also an accompanying mobile app that can be downloaded via Play Store and Apple Store by the end of June. On top of that, Ministry of Wine will hold wine tasting events from time to time where consumers can discover new flavour profiles.

Visitors can also get their bottles customised and delivered to the doorstep as a gift to family, friends and loved ones. For the uncertain, Ministry of Wine's expert wine sommeliers, who they can chat live with online on the site, will be more than happy to help them understand their own preferences and choose the right bottle.


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