Monin celebrates a century of success

Monin celebrates a century of success

This year, Monin turns a venerable 100 years old; we take a look at the history of this family-run gourmet flavour business.

Monin was founded by George Monin in Bourges, in central France, as a company originally selling wines and spirits from the back of a horse-drawn cart. George’s slogan was “La Passion de la Qualite” (The Passion for Quality); it has driven three generations of the Monin family and is still a driving force behind the brand’s success.

George’s son, Paul, inherited his father’s passion and grew the company further. He travelled the world to obtain the best natural ingredients to guarantee premium flavours. Under Paul’s guidance, Monin syrup launched its export market in 1980.

Current president Olivier Monin is of the third generation of the family; he became company president in 1993, and developed the brand presence internationally, overseeing construction of a manufacturing site in Tampa, Florida. 

Though the heart of the brand remains in Bourges, today Monin has four production facilities worldwide – in Fresnes and Escaut in France, Florida in the US and the latest in Rawang, Malaysia. The company produces more than 140 flavours of syrups, liqueurs, fruit purees and sauces and has a presence in 140 countries worldwide.

One of the reasons behind the brand’s success is its strong partnership ethos. Monin chooses to work closely with a sole partner in each country that distributes the brand.
In terms of research and development, Monin develops its flavours with fifteen Beverage Innovation Directors, experts on cocktails and specialty coffees within their local markets. They work closely with local clients and create menus and drink offers, as well as devise customised seasonal promotions to suit the local market.

Ever since the launch of the export market in 1980, Monin export sales represent 75% of the brand’s total sales. Its motto of passion for quality and family values remains its heritage.

In conjunction with the celebration of its 100th anniversary, Monin is running a World Tour to interview bartenders around the world together with their recipes. Check out their website at www.monin.com or their Facebook page.


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