Monk's Moonshine
Skybar Monk's Moonshine

Monk's Moonshine

You may be wondering why this cocktail is called a Monk’s Moonshine, it doesn’t look like a monk and it is not illegal.

If you have never heard of Fra Angelico, he was a hermit monk who lived in seclusion but created unique recipes for liquors. The Frangelico, an ingredient in this cocktail, is named after the friar.  Even the shape of the bottle is designed to resemble a friar in his habit, a brown robe with a small cord tied around the “waist” of the bottle as a cincture. 

The liquor itself is a hazelnut liquor flavoured with herbs at 28% ABV. The other alcoholic ingredient in this drink is the pistachio infused tequila, which significantly spikes up the drink’s alcohol volume. That’s where the moonshine comes from, as the term is used to refer to high proof distilled spirits produced illicitly. 

Expect sweet nuttiness from your first sip, then herbal notes such as liquorice to slowly evolve in your palate. This is a complex drink that is held together by the egg white and a texture that gives a long finish. The agave syrup enhances the chewy nuttiness and lemon juice adds some acidity for a well-balanced recipe.

Fret not, the egg white used in Skybar is all pasteurised to destroy any possible bacteria. What’s even more encouraging is the use of pistachio in the drink. Pistachios are rich in nutrients and minerals which can help regulate blood sugar levels. Of course you can’t depend on one drink to give you all the benefits, the recipe makes use of the nut more for its flavour than its health benefits. Maybe the drink can get you started on a pistachio marathon after!

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Monk’s Moonshine
Pistachio infused tequila 
Pasteurised egg white
Real agave syrup
Lemon juice
RM 45.30 nett


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