Not So Stout

Not So Stout

Guinness & Chocolate Foam

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
Bring Guinness Foreign Extra Stout to boil till it reduces to 300ml.
Giffard Chocolate Syrup
Allow the reduction to cool.
Cocoa Powder
Lecithin Powder
Place all powder in a dry bowl. Slowly add the reduction to the powder and whisk it at the same time. Whisk till the mixture is well mixed.
2 nos
Cream charger
Add chocolate syrup into the mixture and whisky.
Cream siphon
Pour the mixture into a cream siphon and charge it with cream chargers. Place the siphon in a chiller to chill for 4 hours.

Glassware: Guinness Miniature Pint Glass
Qty           Ingredients                     Technique
30ml         Patron XO Café                 Mix all ingredients (except foam) into cocktail
60ml         Espresso                         Shaker and shake. N/A
10ml         Sugar Syrup                     Fine strain mixture into glassware. Top the drink with
                                                       the Guinness and Chocolate foam.
                Cube Ice
                Guinness and Chocolate foam
                Cinnamon to grate / Cinnamon powder

 1. Pour the pre prepared 300ml of Guinness Foreign Extra Stout into a mixing glass.

2. Measure 30ml of espresso and add that into the mixing glass.

3. Add 60ml of Patron XO Cafe.

4. Add 10ml of sugar syrup.

5. Top theglass with ice cubes.

6. Shake until the shaker is icy cold.

7. Get ready the miniature Guinness pint glass.

8. Pour the content from the shaker into the glass through a strainer.

9. Top the drink with the pre-prepared foam and grate some cinnemon on top for extra kick.


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