Produced by a young tequila company started in 1989 by two visionaries, whose singular mission was to make ‘the best tequila in the world’. For 23 years, The Patrón Spirit Company, founded by Paul Mitchell Systems and John Paul DeJoria, has been the world's no.1 exporter of 100% agave tequila – the Patrón Tequila. 

The pure agave produced tequila, its specifications which are applied rigorously and the plant only available in certain Mexican states, can now be seen on bar shelves around the city of KL and Penang. This is such an excitement for the much anticipating drink palettes for good spirits of the increasingly discerning drinkers in Malaysia.

Tequila, a drink which many who have pinched their noses and waived their hands before touching the glass, has Patron doubling its work in penetrating into the already cynical market. Some have tasted a low quality brand of tequila with a lime and salt; some who don’t even know that tequila is the main ingredient in margaritas; some who take the opinion of the bad experienced to heart; are definitely going to miss out a fine spirit like Patrón Tequila.  

The Patrón Spirit Company has invested in enormous time and skill, and most importantly, the passion in making every bottle of their tequila. They have a revolutionalised waste treatment system that is eco-friendly, they also produce in small batches to maintain its high quality standard.

Hacienda Del Patrón, a part factory, part palace located in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico is where the making of Patrón tequila takes place. Hacienda, meaning estate in Mexican, comprises of living quarters, work space, traditional Mexican kitchens and an over 1,500 square meters lush garden for the enjoinment of the Patron's employees and their visitors.

The secret and essence of the prime material for making Patrón Tequila, is the piña, the sweet heart of the Blue Weber Agave which name derived from its discoverer and colour. This type of agave, the finest and has its premier growing condition at the highlands of Jalisco, is aged for 6 to 7 years to be harvested at its sugar contents peak. The harvesters "jimadors" use a "coa" (a sharp and long-handled tool) to remove the bitter sprout of the agave by hand in order to reveal the piña and only the perfect agave is selected. The picking process is conducted by Patrón master distiller - Francisco Alcaraz, who also supervises each batch of the fermentation process using the latest technology and time testing techniques.

The location of the Hacienda has provided a unique benefit to the production of Patrón Tequila - the water source, of which it comes from a spring fed deep well. Using this, the piña, is steamed for a long 79 hours until it is softened. The softened piña is then shredded and put in a shallow stone pit called “Tahona” for a traditional crushing process. Juice derived from this process is then placed in wooden fermentation tanks for 72 hours. In the wooden tanks, "must" as a result of the mixing during the process of fermentation, is created. It is then distilled twice in copper pot sills which are fine filtered and balanced under the supervision of Francisco, before it is bottled.

The bottling of Patrón Tequila is filled in individually handmade bottles by an artisan schooled in the art of glassmaking, which craft is often passed down through families. Every single process of the bottling to labeling is done by hand to ensure the finest quality for each bottle.

It is no wonder that The Patrón Spirit Company has taken pride in their production. The value they have created in the soul of making tequila is not only the time and skills put into the process, but also the heart of making it. With this spirit, The Patrón Spirit Company is reaching out to the community and currently working closely with organizations such as Action Against Hunger, Water Keeper Alliance, The Smile Train, St. Bernard’s Projects, Miles to End Malaria in Africa and Hand In Hand for Haiti.

“What inspires you?” is the tagline for The Patrón Spirit Company, encourages social consciousness. It is always reassuring when you are buying products from a company that stands for something. It also supports the US “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign in advocating the adults against serving teenagers alcohol.

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Where to buy:
Most outlets in the Klang Valley and TGI Friday outlets.

Fortier Wines & Spirits - No. 8, Jln Pju 3/44, Sunway Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Tel: +603 7803 0383 


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