Phraya Rum

Phraya Rum

From the Kingdom of Thailand comes the super premium rum, Phraya Rum – a luxury experience whose very name means ‘of high ranking’.

Made in the province of Nakhon Pathom, known for being one of the best regions for sugar cane in the country, its production process relies on pieces of the four elements: Earth is represented by the rich and fertile soils where the sugar cane is grown; Water is from the Tha Chin River, which gives its soft, natural water to the distillation process; Fire is used to char the inside of the oak barrels, giving the rum its oak wood characteristic; and Air for cooling the barrels as they mature in warehouses built over lagoons.

The rums are aged between 7 and 12 years and then blended together to create a spiced and smooth character which sits at 40% ABV. The smell of rich vanilla is most prominent, with touches of honey and coconut, and gentle hints of cloves and raisins; while on the palate creamy butterscotch comes through with underlying fruitiness from fresh pineapple and citrus. Expect a smooth, sweet finish, with a slight spiciness and long-lasting vanilla ice cream note.


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