Six Defining Botanicals, One Iconic Japanese Craft Gin

Six Defining Botanicals, One Iconic Japanese Craft Gin

What makes the quintessential Japanese gin? The House of Suntory has the perfect answer — Roku Gin. Named for its masterful use of six distinct botanicals representing Japan’s celebration of nature and its seasons, this craft gin is created by skilled artisans in Japan using a blend of traditional and modern techniques. 

Each botanical is harvested in its “shun” – the Japanese concept whereby seasonal ingredients are selected at their peak for maximum flavour and quality. On the nose, sakura leaf and flower, along with sencha and gyokuro teas, create an irresistible floral and sweet aroma. A classic gin taste forms the base on the palate, with the crisp acidity of yuzu weaved in to produce a smooth and silky mouthfeel. At the finish, the fresh, gentle heat of sansho pepper awaits with a playful spiciness.

Introducing food and drinks that resonate with either of the six botanicals in Roku Gin further amplifies their presence. Sakura’s elegant aroma, mild floral flavour, and gorgeous pink hue make it a popular ingredient to sweet and savoury foods during spring. Take advantage of the season’s bounties with traditional Japanese foods integral to hanami (flower viewing), such as sakura mochi and cherry blossom rice balls.

Sakura Mochi and Tea
(Left) Japanese sakura mochi by Goat Tree Designs; (Right) Sakura tea by Bubu Kamitakahara

Sakura tea, a herbal brew made with pickled cherry blossoms, is a delightful afternoon beverage that encourages one to pause and enjoy the surrounding beauty. Add Roku Gin into the picture for a refreshing evening cocktail that showcases the use of cherry blossoms in Japanese cuisine with salty, sour, and sweet notes bound by an inviting floral bouquet.

The beauty of Roku Gin lies in its versatility. The six core flavours that make up this gin are intentionally created to have exceptional balance. This is where you come in to explore and pair the tastes you love to create your own signature experience with a Japanese flair.

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